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For some reason, I can’t stop watching the film that took home four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Martin Scorsese. The Departed [$23] is a Boston based film which was a remake of the 2002 thriller Internal Affairs and has no problem keeping you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride. It’s a must own for any collection so think about adding it to yours.

Wilco has always had a special place in my ipod, but this album has made it to the top of the shuffle recently. Sky Blue Sky [$13] has introduced a softer, mellower sound from the native Chicago band. The entire album this time around, is more uniform in it’s song selection which makes it very pleasant to listen to while relaxing or working alike. I’m sure you won’t regret picking it up, but you may regret putting it down.

OK, nowadays if you can’t plug it in most people will pass on it. But this is one book that most tech geeks and Lord of the Rings fans (1 in the same?) alike should pick up. The Children of Hurin [$15.60] tells the story of Turin, the proud warrior son of Hurin. It is most definitely a darker tale, but serves well to depict Middle Earth before it fell. And besides, at least you can keep a book on the shelf for show that you’ll consider picking up every once in awhile.

This stunning complete set features all of BBC’s critically acclaimed episodes in one DVD set. Likely to keep you glued to your television for the duration, the Planet Earth Set [$55] is a wise addition to any video collection. I’m not just saying that because we like TV and everything that’s on it, This collection taught us many lessons about the delicacy of life on this planet, not to mention how good it all looks on that brand new HD set we all have in our living room… You might also want the HD or Blu-ray version.


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