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Summer’s about here and you’re going to want a travel blender to take with you on vacation. I know it sounds like you might not need this, but when you’re on that exotic island and mixed drinks run $20 you’ll be mighty happy you picked up the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender [$16]. Just in that scenario alone, this blender has paid for itself in one drink. And what girl can resist a guy that travels with blender in tow…

No, the picture isn’t cropped wrong. I added this one for our clumsier readers. If you’re anything like me, then you need a stable glass if it’s going to be anything you’ll pour red wine into. That’s why i like the Stemless Red Wine Glasses [$9] to join me at the dinner table. With a wide enough mouth to let your wine breathe and no stem to get in the way, you’ll find these will be perfect for you’re dinner table too.

This is so obvious, I’m kind of annoyed that I didn’t think of it first. Just slap this baby to your fridge and never worry about fumbling around for a bottle opener again. The Bottle Opener Refridgerater Magnet [$20] makes drinking an absolute delight, if it wasn’t already that is. I guess now I can stop abusing my countertop in a daily brute-force ritual of trying to get in my beer. Also in red, silver and white.


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